• We can install any of security system and design and integrate it with KNX , where intrusion,fire ,smoke,water,Gas,vehicle presence are detected by wire or wireless sensors
  • security sensors (Motion detector ,magnetic contacts,break glass,etc..) can be used as automation devices to control the lighting ,energy systems, etc…
  • in the alarm case the system will make a call ,send emails,sms or text notification.
  • the users can arm / disarm the system using the touch screen ,smart phones/tablets applications,and remotely over the internet.
  • In our Design of security systems, we install AVS security panels & Sensors as an Italian manufacturer of security products and integrate it directly with KNX using Mod bus device…More info AVS electronics
  • You can Manage Security System throw your Automation Remote Control Software…. More info Remote Control
January 25, 2016